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NoTrax Product Information

To introduce NoTrax, we are offering a special promotion! Only $24.95 U.S. for the full version until September 23, 2018! Click here to order now!

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NoTrax Overview:

NoTrax is the Anonymous Web Browser that leaves NO RECORD of your Internet activity on your PC as you surf in realtime.
It does not write to the Registry during browser sessions. No more index.dat worries. It does not store any information randomly on your PC, it does not use the Recycle Bin and it does not create any application logs.
During and on exit from a browsing session, it erases Session files, Cookies and the Cache using secure deletion methods. The Cache is held and erased in memory. It also comes with a handy Erase Cache button that you can activate at any time during browsing. The Cache is encrypted using Blowfish to secure against PC crash.
NoTrax supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). The root certificates are built-in.
NoTrax does not run Spyware, JavaScript or ActiveX. Anonymous surfing has arrived.

Try the free trial version first, or click here for pricing/to purchase a full version! Order by phone, fax, cheque, money order, or order securely online!

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